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Sample SOP for Mechanical Engineer going for Industrial Engineering Graduate Program

When Nikunj approached Gradsmiths for the Essay Writing Services, he had one question in mind: How can his story be pitched to the AdCom for an Industrial Engineering program, given that he is a Mechanical Engineer and most of his projects are not related to his interest areas. Over the years, we have seen a…

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‘Rejection is not an easy thing to take’ – Krishna Damania, Wayne State University

Imagine this. You are a 22 year old Indian guy. You have never lived outside the comforts of your sweet, cozy, middle-class home. Your daily routine includes attending a ‘9-to-5’ engineering college, sorting attendance issues, killing in PUBG and answering calls of your mother like “Jaa neeche se dhaniya le aa.” Krishna Damaniya was all…

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